Getting a site placed into a Search Engine index like Google can be a difficult task or it can be easy if done correctly. You will read in many forums people suggesting to get links, links, links thinking this will speed up the indexing process; this is not always the case.

When seeking out places to link to your website you need to think of quality and not quantity, a Search Engine may slap a flag on your website if it pops into their radar by having too many links point towards your site in such a limited period. The trick here is to come in low under the radar and not show unnatural linking (a topic for another day).

How to flag down the Search Engines to start indexing

Search Engines love fresh content so finding a good forum that allows signature links is usually a good start in getting a good link back. Take Digital Point Forums as an example, it has thousands of posts updated on a daily basis and with Search Engines loving fresh content you can be sure the bots are hitting that site hard. Although I do suggest finding a good forum that is relevant to the site topic just to give those incoming links better value sometimes linking from a site like Digital Point will have to do.

Using Google Sitemaps for faster indexing

Google released Google Webmaster Tools a while back, allowing site owners to submit a sitemap in XML format. After submitting the sitemap into your Google account, the website will be placed into a queue to be crawled by the Googlebot. Although different people believe that Google sitemaps can be used to get into their index faster this is actually a mistaken belief. There has been some debate that Google Sitemaps can hinder your site from being fully indexed or even placed into the magical, mystical Google Sandbox. (read understanding Google Sandbox) or the widespread discussion on Google Sitemaps slowing down the indexing process of a website. You can now read Using Google Sitemaps.

So, for now, look around some popular forums that you can add your link onto but do not spam the forums with your links, that just being desperate will result in your link being deleted so it is a waste of your valuable time. If you are lucky you may even find someone on a forum looking for information that you have already covered on your website, this can help bring in more visitors and a chance to post your link in some relevant discussions.

Using Directories to get indexed

You can use a directory to assist in getting a site indexed but my belief is the directory needs to provide a good quality backlink to your site to be worthwhile. You can find such directories easily enough but most require a fee for submission, there are free quality directories out there but finding them can be a difficult task. I don’t advise in paying someone to submit your site to 1000 directories for a fee of £10, it brings little value to a new site.

How to check what pages are indexed

Checking the index of Search Engines is very straight forward and doing the following command brings some results, that is if you are indexed: