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    Every user begins their experience on the internet through a single action: Google search. All things considered, Google is by far the largest and most popular search engine in the world. This explains why millions of businesses are investing in professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services in their efforts to rank highest in Google’s search results, among other search engines the traffic delivered by Google still has the highest conversion rates among all other sites.

    With SEO, individuals, businesses, and organisations are able to increase their visibility on search engines like Bing and Google, as well as connect you with potential customers online. additionally, as a leading SEO agency, we provide you with all the SEO solutions you need to increase your search rankings and grow your presence online.

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    Increase visitors ‘& sales’ to your website with a bespoke SEO Strategy built for your business:

    • Technical SEO

    • Competitor Analysis
    • Keyword Research
    • Content Strategy

    • Link Acquisition
    • Local SEO

    Technical SEO Glasgow

    Technical SEO

    We carry out a website audit to determine the technical elements that influence your rankings on search engines. Rankings can be improved by optimising aspects of your website, including page speed, mobile responsiveness, security, code efficiency & the index of all pages on your website. Another key point, a website audit fixes the errors that are likely to slow your online visibility.

    On-Page SEO

    On-Page SEO optimises the visible elements of your website page to enhance high-quality traffic and increase your online visibility. Our service ensures that your website is credible and trustworthy in relation to the best practices of a specified search engine, for example, Google. The elements optimised through On-Page SEO include on-page content, headers, meta descriptions, and page titles. Additionally, Our UK-based SEOs will optimise your headlines, HTML tags, add or amend the correct content, and use high-resolution images as On-Page SEO strategies.

    On Page SEO Glasgow
    Off Page SEO Glasgow

    Off-Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO focuses on optimising elements that are not related to a web page. We enhance the domain authority of your website which establishes further credibility of your brand for online exposure. Also, some of the elements optimised using Off-Page SEO include social media marketing, external content, and our exclusive reach platform, as a matter of fact, our reach platform is explicitly designed to maximise your exposure over time.

    Comparatively, the following information is what we would certainly recognise as the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the foundations of successful Search Engine rankings. Its essential that most, if not all, of these steps are followed through when working on a website. Some of these tips will bring more benefits than just SEO.

    Keyword Research

    Every site needs Keywords to help Search Engines categorise your site topic. Select keywords carefully and target the most searched phrases. Use different Keyword Tools and compare each result with one another, this will give a good insight into what should be targeted.

    Remember that keywords will vary from country to country and so will the number of times a specific phrase has been searched for.

    Domain Names

    Using Keywords in a domain name is good, your business website might benefit more if the domain is focused on its brand or company name. If you really needed to use hyphens in a domain it is best there are no more than two. Google uses your domain age as a ranking factor. Google does love older sites and for more competitive niches it’s these older sites that can be more difficult to outrank.

    Content Creation

    Content Is king and not just for SEO reasons. First off, visitors are arriving at your website site looking for information, give them the information they are looking for and they’ll come back looking for more. Second, the more content attached to a site the more exposure it will have on the Internet.


    Before starting to compile your content on a website think about the different categories that can be covered. Think about how these different categories can be expanded in the future while still remaining focused on the niche theme.

    Once a list of categories has been made remove the SEO hat and start writing content for the visitor, a mistake most SEO people make. Search Engine’s, like Google, do need to determine the relevancy of a page and it can be done without stuffing content full of keywords. Read your content out loud, does it make sense to you and others?

    Site Structure

    How a site is built will play a major factor on how well the Search Engine bots can crawl each and every page. It’s important that every page can be reached within two clicks of the main root domain, one method to achieve this is by using a sitemap.

    Here are some site structure tips to consider:

    • Create a sitemap, important for Search Engine & visitor accessibility.
    • Have the header of the site link back to the main root domain.
    • Use Relative Links. Helps against duplicate content problems and hijacks.
    • Be smart with Anchor Text in Back-links, internally & externally.
    • Link every page to ‘home’ (root domain) – this is more of a accessibility feature for your visitors.
    • Never link to the index file of the root or subfolder – always link to root i.e.

    For how a site should be structured see the Abakus Internet Marketing tutorial. Another thing that needs to be looked at is the problems that occur from your site structure, take a read of Common Internal Site Structure Issues by Aaron Wall of SEOBook. Matt Cutts, Google Engineer, gives some video answers on-site structures.

    Organic SEO

    Organic SEO is the optimisation or improvement of a site’s rankings on a search engine using organic algorithm-driven and unpaid methods and strategies. This service goes a long way in increasing your website’s visibility at a lower cost.

    • Site structure & sitemaps
    Seo glasgow

    SEO Agency UK

    Are you looking to generate more sales through search traffic within Google or Bing? Our SEO services will send relevant traffic to your website, generating more sales for your products or services.

    If your website is not generating traffic, leads, or position in the search engine result pages then your SEO strategy needs a full review. When SEO is implemented, our SEO strategies have the ability to attract visitors straight to your website in volume.

    Do you have your own website? This is no longer enough, the only way your website will generate traffic is utilising SEO techniques to enhance your website and services. With more leads being generated online, your business needs to act smarter, faster, and produce good quality content in order to stand out.

    Check Your Local Business Listing

    Local SEO

    A significant number of customers rely on local searches to make a purchasing decision. This is why a Local SEO services remains crucial to businesses and organisations targeting local customers.

    Ideally, Local SEO optimises the local ranking of a business on the search results of a specified region or locality. This tool is vital for businesses that rely on localised customers.

    Keyword Research Made Easy – Find All Related Keywords

    Discover the Most Valuable Keywords for your SEO Strategy.

    keyword research
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    Keyword Research

    Keyword Research helps you identify the queries or search terms used by your target audience on a search engine like Google or Bing. Ideally, identifying these search terms enables you to inform your marketing strategies, such as content writing and social media marketing.

    Keyword Research is also a great way to evaluate the keywords or search terms for which your website is ranking.

    Our specialists will help you review your performing search terms, conduct additional search term research, and establish a strategy that will help your website make sense to your target audience.

    Find the Best Growth Opportunities

    • Find Top Performing PPC Keywords
    • Optimise your Presence
    • Build and Track Keyword Groups

    SEO Frequently
    Asked Questions.

    How much does SEO cost?2022-07-09T23:12:46+00:00

    It really depends on what you want to achieve, we provide many different SEO solutions to ensure your business is going to get the most out of your campaigns.

    Whether you’re looking for local, or national SEO, our SEO cost is priced based on the level of competitiveness for the keyword targeted.

    How long does SEO take?2022-07-09T23:05:09+00:00

    SEO is a long-term process, and is a permanent solution to your digital marketing. Typically we recommend a campaign length of 6 – 12 months for businesses starting out on their online journey. Businesses that already have some history online can typically expect to see results and significant growth sooner depending on the competition.

    What is SEO2022-07-09T22:52:19+00:00

    SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation, which essentially is the process we take to increase your websites organic visibility. People use search engines to find information on the Internet. The typical search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Businesses have begun to use SEO to market themselves through the web. Companies use articles to advertise themselves on search engines and to try to gain a higher page rank, so as to gather more traffic to their sites. By placing certain keywords within your article, you have a greater chance of getting a higher page rank on search engines.

    SEO involves numerous stages including link-building, content creation, and keyword optimisation.  These combined make a signal to Google on how trustworthy and relevant your website is, therefore ranking it higher to searchers. The end goal for SEO is to increase your website visibility and visitors, therefore generating more leads and converting more sales.

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