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Looking For PPC Services To Help Deliver Leads For Your Business?

Let’s talk. We Are A Leading ROI Focused PPC Agency Based In Glasgow.

As a professional PPC service provider, we offer you an effective placement for your website with the most economical PPC management services. Our highly qualified PPC managers are well aware of the possibilities for your online-based business with popular search engines such as Google, and Bing. They offer you a cost-effective service for an assured business response.

On behalf of your business, we bid on the most searched key terms to decide a dedicated and strategic campaign for ensuring maximum sites visibility. We also make sure your CTC (Cost-to-Company) is not affected on a higher scale, and you easily generate the best revenue and profits in a short time.

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    We Plan, Build & Manage Innovative Paid Media Campaigns

    Our PPC service combines creativity with an analytical approach to ensure your messages are on brand, shown to the best audience, in the best place, at the best time.

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    Increase visitors ‘& sales’ to your website with a bespoke PPC Strategy built for your business:

    • Keyword Research

    • Audience Selection

    • Advert Copy
    • Campaign Structures

    • Bid Management
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    Bing Ads

    Areas our analysis covers

    Depending on your current campaigns, your pay-per-click (PPC) review will include, the following:

    • Search campaign structure review: paid search campaigns, ad groups, shopping campaigns, and keyword match types.

    • Performance analysis: cost per click (CPC), click-through rate (CTR), cost per acquisition (CPA), revenue and return on investment (ROI).

    • Reach analysis: keyword gaps, negative keywords, and a search query review.

    • Growth opportunities: quick wins, short-term opportunities, long-term strategy, and ongoing optimisation.
    • Ads and relevancy review: desktop and mobile ads, landing pages, and the use of ad extensions.

    • Bidding and positioning review: keyword bids versus performance, ad scheduling, location bid modifiers, and other bid modifiers.

    • Tracking review: conversion tracking, Google Analytics data, and call or offline data.

    All of our work will be compiled into a comprehensive report, and put together with a bespoke strategy for your business to succeed.

    The most significant benefit here is that you are able to generate instant results with PPC advertising. This is important because natural SEO takes time to provide results – time that you might not be able to afford. In fact, a well-placed ad can bring in a tremendous flood of visitors to your website.

    & Traffic = Increased Revenue For Your Business