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Looking for Business solutions to help drive your business forwards?

Let’s talk. We help businesses with a range of services including helping to obtain grants, loans, business planning, getting your business GDPR compliant, and staying on top of the ICOs standards.
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Investments for businesses – if you’re looking for a solution to help setup a new company, financial support, developing projects, or marketing services get in touch – whatever your circumstances.

We deliver business solutions

We work with companies by maximising their return on investment. With a wide range of business solutions. We cover companies in the following sectors: New Start-Ups, Trade, Manufacturing, Energy, Health Care, Information Technology, and many other sectors.

List of business services New company formations, Company loans & bank accounts, Developing business processes, Business planning, GDPR management, Information Security, Website development, SEO services, and pay per click services.

Business planning

Ensure your team understands marketing objectives & what needs to get done.

Business plan


Working with businesses to make sure their business is compliant with the ICOs standards.



Helping businesses secure a new bank account, grants, and loans from our range of lenders and contacts.


Professional Business Services

DataRush can provide you with a range of solutions including GDPR compliant document solutions for your business, cost saving initiative solutions and a wide verity of business benefits.

Business services
Business services