Attracting Attention

Without the correct marketing, even the best business websites can go unnoticed, leading to a reduction in the potential customer base. By using various optimisation techniques, across a well-planned marketing campaign, a business can ensure that it is attracting the correct clientele. Digital marketing is a growing field, as the internet becomes increasingly filled with content. This article will explore some of the most effective methods of digital marketing that can be offered: Lead Generation, Pay per Click Marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation, also known as lead gen, is a technique designed to increase the avenues of business for a company by: increasing traffic, discovering leads based upon this traffic, and converting views into customers. Due to the internet, there is now more opportunity to find customers than ever before, with local areas no longer being a restriction. This advancement in technology can be capitalised to find targeted leads, that are more likely to increase profit. An effective method of lead gen that can be explored is using a landing page, in which a visitor will offer information, such as email, which can be used for focused email marketing campaigns.

Pay per Click Marketing

Pay per click services (PPC services) are a form of digital advertising, where a small fee is paid each time an advert is clicked, taking a customer to the website. This form of advertising is useful as the correct demographics can be targeted, ensuring the website is receiving the majority of its traffic from potential customers. PPC services are a very cost-effective way of digital marketing, as the small fee paid for a click will be recuperated by customers using a website and engaging with the services. An important aspect of PPC marketing is ensuring that the website linked to is of high quality, containing clear information for potential customers. In digital marketing terms, a ‘bounce‘ occurs when a person visits a web page through an advert, then leaves without further engaging in the services offered. The goal of using a PPC service is to minimise the bounce rate, converting as many visitors as possible to customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital tool for marketing a business. Using SEO, a website will become more visible through search engines, appearing higher on the search; With billions of searches occurring each month, it is important that a business can separate itself from the competition. Methods of optimisation include using key trigger words, ensuring there is enough information on the page and having full metadata for the web page’s assets. Proper SEO can generate large amounts of traffic, greatly increasing the online profile of a business. Many internet users are not willing to scroll further than the first page of a search engine, making it highly important that a business is visible, appearing as high as possible.