SEO is a long term investment for businesses that operate online. This is, however, only possible if it is done correctly. It acts as a mode of digital marketing. This means using some useful Search Engine Optimisation marketing tips like the ones discussed below.

Top 10 marketing tips

1. Create high quality and authority content

The easiest way to market your content is by creating topics that clients care about. Also, make sure to provide an in-depth analysis of the issues so that your audience does not have to look for additional content elsewhere. It doesn’t matter if the same topic has been written before, make sure that you provide all the information and its unique.

2. Update your site regularly

Google always has a sweet spot for sites that are updated regularly. You can achieve this by updating at least 3-4 times per week. The content has to be of high quality and in-depth.

3. Let your content display your expertise.

In addition to posting high-quality authority content, you also have to show off your expertise through it. There are more than 10 million blog posts in the world. This not only means that the industry is competitive, but it also means that your content determines your place. Therefore, avoid fluff content, showcase your expertise, and gain the trust of your audience.

4. Take advantage of featured snippets.

You ought to strive to get into a featured snippet. Google determines the sites that get to be in this position, depending on the authority of its content. Make sure to use google keyword tools and use them so that you can stand a chance to compete with other authority sites.

5. Use photos

Photos of your business on your website will go a long way into helping you get a better ranking on Google. The images will help show your audience the uniqueness of your business or your content from the competition. Make sure to use high-quality photos.

6. Use visual content

In addition to the photos, adding other visual content will help take your site to the next level. Include popular content in the form of videos or infographics. Consumers engage better with visual content than the latter.

7. Use backlinks

Use backlinks from high authority sites as a marketing tool for your site. You can start with the backlinks that your competitors are using. Make sure the content is popular, and the links are from authority sites. Make sure to research the sites too.

8. Know what your competition is up to

Make sure that you are frequently in the know-how when it comes to your competition. You want to make sure that you are on the same level or working towards getting better.

9. Conduct follow up research.

If you are doing pieces based on research like interviews, you must follow up. For instance, if an interviewee or the subject to your piece provides additional content in another site or you are doing a biography, and things change. You want to make sure that your content is always up to date.

10. Follow an on-page SEO checklist.

Make sure you use SEO elements like page title, meta description, header tags, and URLs so that you can stand a chance against your competition.


With the marketing tips mentioned above, you should be able to get better rankings from Google and other search engines. Make sure to take advantage of social media and digital marketing agencies and strategies as well.